Our Vision

We dream of a day when every Dentist will have a diverse team, accept a diverse clientele, and be willing to see those patients that are often rejected and forgotten. We dream of a day when it will be normal to see diversity in dental practice ownership. As a Black-owned business, we hope to contribute to a world where African Americans are not surprised or overjoyed that they have found someone that looks like them to be their own Dentist. For Hispanics to not have to drive an hour to find an office where more than one person speaks Spanish. We hope to create an environment where people of all backgrounds are accepted, included, and receive high-quality care.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create spaces to encourage diversity and welcome an ever-changing society. We are like-minded, down to earth people that pride ourselves in taking the fear out of dentistry, providing comfortable environments for everyone, and assuring the doubtful that they are welcome despite our differences.

Our Core Values

All our clinical employees pledge to embrace the following core values to ensure standards are at the highest level for diagnostics and hands-on technical dental work.


1Respect and embrace diversity in employment. Our differences are a valuable asset.


2Always be honest with others and yourself, without compromising the truth.


3Learn from your team to be stronger together, working towards a common goal.


4Take initiative, give your best, and treat challenges as opportunities to grow.


5Obtain continuing education, implement new technology and exceptional patient care to better serve our patients.

Meet The Dentist

Tywana M Groce, DMD


Although Dr. Tywana Groce always knew that she wanted to help people in a healthcare capacity, it wasn’t until she was working towards her BS in Mathematics from Hampton University that she embarked on her journey into a career in Dentistry. While doing mathematical modeling of Alzheimers as an undergrad, she met an African American recruiter who told her that only 3% of dentists are people of color and that there was a big need for more African Americans in the field.

As a member of a military family, she had always had access to high-quality dental care and almost assumed it was something afforded to everyone. However, after being exposed to many of the disturbing truths about the dental industry, especially in regards to people of color, she decided to enroll at the MED program at UNC for minority doctors and dentists to learn more. While working on cadavers during the program, she did some dental work and immediately fell in love with the art, ultimately compelling her to apply to Temple University School of Dentistry, where she would later graduate.

Her first 3 years as a professional dentist were in public health, working in some of the poorest counties in the country. During this time, she saw first hand the barriers to care that so many people face, developing a deep commitment to aiding people of all color, ethnicity, and income bracket.

While she has since moved into private practice and has gained expertise in other areas such as cosmetic dentistry, she has never forgotten what got her into dentistry in the first place – extending high quality care to as many people as she can.

She has now been practicing dentistry in the Upstate for nearly 15 years and currently resides in Greenwood, SC. She enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter in her free time.

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